DICE THEME PARK | A Review with Phase Breakdown of a Dice Worker Placement Strategy Game

Dice Theme Park is a heavier dice worker placement game for those ready to puzzle out their best attractions in their very own designed theme park.

There's also scads of other cool mechanisms with action selection, open drafting, and hand management in this game.

I'll walk through each phase of the game to showcase the unique and fun elements that caught my eye in this really colorful and engaging strategy game for 1-4 players.

0:00 - Overview
1:34 - Phase 1
4:17 - Phase 2
6:10 - Phase 3
7:57 - Phase 4
9:11 - Phase 5
11:36 - Phase 6
12:47 - Final Thoughts

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Intro Sequence: R Charles D Stuart

Music Credit: www.bensound.com

Logo Credit: www.logomakr.com
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