DevOps Real Time Scenarios Interview Questions | DevOps Manager Interview Questions and Answers

DevOps Real Time Scenarios Interview Questions | DevOps Manager Interview Questions and Answers | How to Manage Terraform State | Terraform State: How to Keep your Infrastructure Up and Running | Manage Git Branches

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"This question was asked in an interview, and was in a GCP certification, as well"

Welcome back to another video in the DevOps Real Time Scenarios
series or DevOps Real Time Issues. In today's video, we are going to talk about the following:

Problem Statement:

• You are responsible for creating and modifying the Terraform templates that define your Infrastructure.
• Because two new engineers will also be working on the same code, you need to define a process and adopt a tool that will prevent you from overwriting each other's code.
• You also want to ensure that you capture all updates in the latest version.
• What would you do?

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