Developing the right resourcing models: recruitment and retention considerations - Session two

We are in a period of rapid change with a growing economy and a record number of job vacancies. However, diminished European labour and staff shortages are creating challenges for employers as they seek to resource the right individuals. Many employers have advanced their thinking in terms of how people work. Equally the workforce itself is rethinking how it wants to work. The shift away from typical employment models is accelerating.

Over the course of two webinars we consider how these issues are impacting on established employment arrangements, how you can redevelop your own resourcing toolkit and manage the risks that arise with multiple resourcing models.

We review the range of options available to employers in how they resource their workforce and consider the legal impacts that need to be considered in respect of each option.

The different models - legal pros and cons to keep in mind
-Statutory Rights
-Career progression
-Disciplinary, performance management and grievances
-Right to work

Simon Bellm
Partner, Employment

Rebecca Thornley Gibson
Partner, Employment

Adam Williams
Partner, Business Immigration
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