Detect and Prevent Employee Fraud - learn Compliance

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Detect and Prevent Employee Fraud - learn Compliance
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This course provides practical knowledge about common corporate fraud activity, and how to detect it.
Discover the breadth and depth of the fraud problem.,Identify the motives of internal fraudsters.,Be able to explain the mechanics of specific fraud schemes.,Identify the red flags of fraud.,Be able to detect and investigate employee fraud.,Build an anti-fraud control environment.
Prerequisite: Exposure to internal controls,Advanced Preparation: None,Organizations of all kinds and sizes are increasingly threatened by fraud. For example, 5% of all gross revenue is lost to fraud each year, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.,Embezzlement, kickbacks, check fraud, financial statement fraud and vendor billing schemes are just a few of the countless crimes committed by employees against organizations of all kinds and sizes.,Through a combination of lectures, case studies and reviews, this course provides CFOs and other corporate finance professionals with a strong foundation of practical knowledge about how the common frauds are committed.,In this course we discuss:,If you would like Continuing Education Credit (e.g. CPE, CE, CPD, etc.) for this course, it is available if you take this course on the Illumeo dot com platform under course title: How to Detect and Prevent Employee Fraud. Illumeo is certified to provide CPE in over two dozen different professional certifications covering finance, accounting, treasury, internal audit, HR, and more. However, in order to receive CPE credit the courses must be taken on an ‘approved-by-the-governing-body’ CPE platform, and for over two dozen corporate professional certifications, that is the Illumeo platform. Go to Illumeo dot com to learn more.,Anyone working with employees or in the risk management field.,Anyone working with employees or in the risk management field.
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