Detail Visit At Kolpur Railway Station | Informative Interview About Bolan Pass By SM Kolpur

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Kolpur railway station is located in Kolpur town, Mastung district of Balochistan province, Pakistan. This Station Situated At 343 Km According to ML-3 Kilometer Marking & 41 Km Distance From Quetta Railway Station. Kolpur Railway Station 1,792 Meter above sea level. Now Days, Only Two UP & Two Down Trains Stop At This Station.

In This Video, You See Detail Coverage Of Kolpur railway station.

Quetta To Kolpur Journey: https://youtu.be/38-sxnRZfNk

Date: 02 December, 2021
Locomotive: RGE-20-5105 & RGE-20-5118
Train Name: 39 DN Jaffar Express & 04 DN Bolan Mail
Place: Kolpur Railway Station, Balochistan

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