Desired College & University • H 2 O Subliminals

So this is a updated version of my last desired college & university Subliminal. I made the affirmations more powerful, added a few things, and lowered the voices a little. Enjoy!

this subliminal is designed to:

• get admission to your desired college/university
• get accepted into dream college
• find the best college that suits you
• find/decide the best major for you
• find a career that suits you
• amazing college application
• perfect college letter
• 4.0 GPA
• High IQ
• professors love you
• attract tons of money for college
• attract full ride scholarships
•attract free dorms, books, and food
• attract amazing friends in college
• attract an amazing roommate
• pass all necessary standardized test (SAT , ACT, PARCC)
• stay focused on your studies
• have fun in college & maintain your good grades at the same time
• have a great college experience
• straight A’s
• turn all past bad grades to A’s and B’s
• perfect high school transcript
• have amazing college recommendation letters from teachers
• ability to write 1000 word essay within 20 minutes
• ability to read a whole book in a day
• best grades in school/college
• be relieved from any stress & depression
• pass exams in flying colors
• get rid of any college debt
• supportive parents
• fast, instant, & permanent results

• Listen to this subliminal for AT LEAST 30 minutes to a hour a day with a booster for fast results. It can takes 2 weeks to 1 month to see results. Share your results below!

T I P S:
- stay hydrated
- visualize or look at picture of desired outcome. Super important!
- strong belief
- listen with headphones/earphones
- have a positive mindset
- listen overnight for best results
- combine subliminal with a booster for even better results.

• email: [email protected]
• instagram: h2o.subs •
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