Demystifying Lean Concepts - Raakesh Lalsing from IQEQ

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We were delighted to have Raakesh Lalsing PLC,CSSGB a Lean practitioner, specialised in Business Transformation and Data Analytics actually working at IQEQ ; A Global Investment Services Company.

Raakesh is based on the beautiful island of Mauritius. He is an advocate of change in people with “change” as the only constant variable in his career. His ambition to challenge the joints and bolts of things fuelled his quest; the more challenging the hunt, the more he stood out.

With 17 years of experience starting from Hospitality Management, Aviation, Finance and to recently the Banking sector; he is now exploring the global business industry embracing new technologies. Over the years, he has lead various Change Management projects including reengineering of processes and operation optimisation.

Raakesh's talk will focus on his work at IQEQ including their transformation approach and benefits.

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