Deltarune Super Paper Mario Animation- The Quintessential Job Search Experience

Please do not use this without my permission! Thanks!
Credit was given at the end of the video. Here is my Ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/skywardwarriorcg :)
Other than wanting to entertain, one of the reasons I've been posting so often and putting so much effort into these animation is because this channel acts as part of my professional portfolio; so I do my best to practice often, try new things with each animation, and improve! I'm super happy with my recent work, and I'm always willing to learn to get better. Of course, the job search isn't kind to anyone lately (at least, those without many connections), so I wanted to make a little bit of vent art about the process.
For this animation, I attempted to animate Jevil's tears using some amorphous objects with morph targets! (I actually used the still objects I'd created for a previous render of Jevil crying while holding Seam's button eye.) I also tried to fill out more of my Color Cafe environment, including adding in some semi-realistic lighting. Animating Dimentio's hat is so much fun, haha. Hope you like it! Thanks for watching!
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