Defining the Labour Market Puzzle: What effects are emerging from the disruption?

The last 18 months has seen huge changes to the labour market, as well as seismic shifts to working practices and general living. In recent months, something rather unexpected has taken place in Britain and many other countries. In what has been described as a labour market logjam, employers have positions they need to fill; there are in theory plenty of people looking for work; but those positions are not being filled.
Emsi Burning Glass and Get My First Job have joined forces to examine this phenomena in a series of three reports. In this webinar, we focus on the findings of one of these – Defining the Labour Market Puzzle – giving an overview of the last 18 months, taking a look at which sectors have seen the biggest disruption, and asking where are the biggest mismatches between demand and supply?
With Andy Durman (EVP, Global Emsi Burning Glass), David Allison, CEO & Co-Founder, GetMyFirstJob, and Duncan Brown, VP Global Innovation, Emsi Burning Glass.
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