Defending Data and the Future of Storage with Steve Watts, Ep #3

In this episode of Tech Talent Today, I’m excited to be joined by Steve Watts. Steve is a manager of storage, data protection, and automation services for a super-regional insurance carrier. He rose through the ranks from network engineer to storage engineer to storage & data protection architect to manager. With the increased prevalence of ransomware attacks, data protection, storage, and backup are essential topics. Listen to Steve’s perspective to learn what companies can do to protect sensitive information.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

● What can you do about ransomware? [02:53]
● How did Steve gain an interest in computers? [10:47]
● Automation’s influence on storage [12:53]
● Desirable attributes for new team members [15:32]
● The pandemic’s effect on hiring [20:30]
● Managing work/life balance while working from home [27:15]
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