Deep Dive into Revo with Sanjay M - FULL INTERVIEW

This video was supposed to go live normally this week, but with the untimely passing of Sanjay i wasn`t sure if i should, but after watching others share their favorite moments and memories of Sanjay, well this one was mine. I was seriously looking forward to having Sanjay on the show live for another chance to nerd out about hotends and 3dp. He will be missed.
Originally i was going to make this video`s ad-sense go towards a specific charity but couldn't decide which one would be suitable, E3D has announced that they will be creating something in Sanjay`s name in the future so I will hold a fundraiser for it when that goes live and am putting this video up with monetization disabled.https://e3d-online.com/blogs/news/sanjaymortimer

This is the first draft edit of the Revo interview with Sanjay M of E3D, video only has edits to remove talk that fell under NDA items and removal of some dead-air and off topic chat.

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