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Discussion Topics, Thursday, December 09, 2021:
Working for two employers on W-2 using the GC-EAD || STEM extension denied based on approved H-1B pending for withdrawal at a USCIS service center || Correcting names on passports, visas, and other documents || Options to remain in status: F-1 visa expired, H-1B approved for consular processing, but not stamped.

TN visa for Canadian employee currently on J-1 visa; submitting Form I-129 and other documents || Approved N-470: CBP warned on reentry and filing F-2A for spouse || Can I file I-485 when the priority date is current? || H-1B stamping and dropbox situation|| H-1B payroll rules while moving from one company to parent company || Green card through several categories|| Interfiling from EB-3 to EB-2 || Traveling back to the U.S. on AP while H-1B visa stamping is delayed due to 221g; impact on I-485, etc.
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