Dealership Management Systems (DMS). Interview with Dr. Juraj Hanus. 12+

In today's issue, #ROAD presents to the Russian automotive community an exclusive interview with Dr. Juraj Hanus.

Juraj Hanus is an expert in Dealership Management Systems (DMS), an employee of one of the world's leading suppliers of DMS systems.

Conducting an interview from the ROAD office is an expert of the US car market Sergey Naumovsky.

During the interview, Juraj shares the benefits of using advanced DMS systems, principles of their architecture and deployment.

Juraj also describes a specific business case of implementing an advanced DMS system in a dealer group and describes the benefits and new opportunities that have opened up with a new approach to data processing.

Invaluable insight from one of the few experts in the field, especially important in times of uncertainty when efficient dealership automation can be critical!

Watch the video, leave questions and comments below.

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