De-risk & Accelerate with The DAP Strategist

Are you leading a digital transformation or a tech refresh?

The semantics matter a lot more today than they did a few years ago. Digital transformation is no longer a competitive advantage, but a competitive necessity.

Leadership wants results from their digital investments and decisions need to be quantified so that they can be understood and accounted for.

Too many learning leaders focus on solutions first and strategy second.

Purchase the license and THEN we’ll figure out how to make the software work for them. Wrong answer. If we want to transform anything moving forward in the #futureofwork it needs to be how we look at problems not how we pay for problems.

In this Learning Tech Talks, familiar face Raj Sundarason, author and founder of The DAP Strategist is joining me again to unpack the root meaning of adoption and the layers underneath it to discover how it can help redirect guidance for learning leaders by narrowing their focus on the optimization of processes before premature investments in tech.

We'll highlight how to support the ‘Baby User’ and how it pertains to the general outlook for learning leaders as they are rolling out and updating their software and applications.

And I'd invite you to join the ongoing dialogue in the Learning Sharks Community while you're at it.

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