Day in the Life of a Miami Jeweler...Mr. CRM | CRM Life E32

He came from nothing and rose to the top in the cutthroat industry of luxury watches! Here's what a day in the life of Miami grey market jeweler Carlos Marcelin!

Inspired by the memories of working in his dad's artisan jewelry shop as a kid in Havana, Cuba, Carlos Marcelin launched CRM Jewelers during late 2012. Many other jewelers and grey market dealers tried to discourage him with you'll-never-make-it dire warnings, but he never faltered from the pursuit of his passion, all in honor of his father Carlos Marcelin Sr.

A Day In The Life of Carlos starts with the essential core of CRM Life, FAMILY! You'll see as the “women in his life,” the ones that Carlos refers to over and over in our little Miami reality series, come one by one to Carlos' bedside for a hug from daddy.

From there, we move on to a boxing gym in Downtown Miami for a rigorous morning workout, before the real business day finally begins.

You'll see clients come visit from afar, super high end watches all over the place, and plenty of buy/see watch deals (like the sale of the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar 5271P-001 that we bought from Adrian of Luxury Bazaar's at the IWJG Watch Show in Las Vegas not too long ago).

Enjoy the episode. Let us know who's other day in the life you would like to see next!

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