Dave Rubin Trashes Work From Home Employees From His Home Studio

Dave Rubin praises Elon Musk and rashes work from home following in Musk's footsteps. The Majority Report crew discuss Rubin’s terrible paradoxical takes and why he continues to push them to his base.

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Which one of these Dave Rubin uh things should we ma well my favorite is the Elon Musk one all right it's matt's pick ladies and gentlemen today although the other one for the c-span one it was so funny it's like Dave Rubin coming up to the edge of like we really need to have subsidized housing subsidized but he doesn't quite realize that he's doing that it's just the guy's so dumb. It doesn't he doesn't make any connection but he's perfect like a caricature of a tendency that is really pronounced right now in this like in like not a Republican but basically a republican propagandist sort of without a doubt. And look this is where the money's made right now folks and if there's money to be made somewhere Dave Rubin is going there move to Florida to avoid an income tax he's now- if you can imagine he's now kissing Ron DeSantis ass because um that way people don't uh his folks at the blaze his audience at the blaze don't realize that he's married to a man and they don't think about it and that he's adopting two children
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