Data Integrity and Integrating Automation

This week, Karen Ginsbury shares her ideas on data integrity lapses, and how automating now can save your business in the future. Karen looks at how the pharmaceutical industry and even society misunderstand what integration truly is. Karen shares her thoughts on how the industry can advance forward despite self-inflicted obstacles. 

About Our Guest:
Karen Ginsbury is a pharmaceutical consultant who brings hands-on experience in designing and implementing environmental control programs within multinational pharmaceutical companies. She started her career in the industry by taking EM samples on the factory floor and brings her own unique perspective to her lively and instructive presentations. Ms. Ginsbury has over twenty years of industry-based experience in quality assurance and compliance and has published a book on compliance auditing for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ms. Ginsbury is a past holder of IVT’s Presentation of the Year and Web Seminar Presenter of the Year and regularly lectures around the world on pharmaceutical topics.

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