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This movie could have been an email.

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Cuttputlli review by Sucharita Tyagi - Hill station par murder mystery hai toh kuch bhi chalega kya? Going OUT of its way to trigger its viewers with grotesque mutilated bodies of children, sexual assault also becomes a part of this film’s story in the crudent most indecent, insensitive fashion possible. Not to mention dead body ko kahaan kisne kyun phonchaya none of that eventually connects with pretty much anything. Frankly climax mein agar dikhaa dete ki khooni is Kartik Aryan in a wig, or Mike Tyson in another cameo he’s about to forget or Karan Johar is a serial killer when not shooting chat shows, none of it would have mattered.

Lekin joh khooni hai eventually, you HAVE to watch it to believe it.

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