Current News Bulletin (28 Jan - 03 Feb, 2022) | Weekly Current Affairs | UPSC Current Affairs 2022

In Drishti IAS Current News Bulletin, Neel Parmar brings to you a summary of news events that happened last week. In this episode we have covered important topics like suspension of mla, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh border issue, Nord stream pipeline etc.

Recently, The supreme court quashed the suspension of Maharashtra legislatures and held that suspension over the period of ongoing session is violation of democracy. The border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is in news again over land of a road project.

on the other hand, United States has warned Russia stopping Nord stream pipeline over Cremia tension.


Subject list


1. Supreme Court quashed one-year suspension of 12 Maharashtra BJP MLAs

2. Assam-Arunachal Pradesh Border Dispute

International relations

3. The importance of the Nord Stream pipeline


4. Reverse Repo Normalization

5. The bad bank is ready to commence operations

6. Scheme on Enhancement of Competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector Phase-II

7. EPFO to appoint auditor to track fund managers

8. More Indian residents filing patents than MNCs

Science and technology

9. Cage Aquaculture

Environment and ecology

10. Fly Ash Management and Utilization Mission

In other news

Vellalore lake becomes a butterfly hotspot
Resolution passed in Japan’s parliament over human rights issues in China
Sri Lanka gets $ 500 million loan from India
UGC releases national higher qualification framework draft
GAIL started India’s maiden project of blending hydrogen into natural gas
India’s women unsung heroes book launched
Home delivery services under SeHAT initiative started
Hoysala temples nominated for world heritage list

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