Cupnoodle - Mathematics (Official Video) #เพลงสากล

Whooo!! My newest release is here :) Mathematics - I honestly wish I paid more attention in Math class hahah (Lyrics below x) #popmusic #poppunk #newmusic

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I hated Mondays
The weekend left so fast
I wrote my essays
I kept praying that I’ll get a pass

My anxiety
Won’t miss a day of school
I’ve tried to fit in
But every other human are in use

How I got nervous when I walked by my crush
I weren’t so popular, friends with my guitar

*Cool kids are overrated
Looking perfect is kinda outdated
But the thing you’ll be using everyday is
all that Mathematics

Mathematics, oh

You thought I was weird
Treating me like a molecule
My future was clear
Didn’t included any of you fools

What I would tell myself back in that classroom
Stop crying none of these boys will be your groom

Repeat *

In Chemistry, we would never go together
History teaches me you’re an oppressor
Biology tells me that I’m a survivor
That is the lesson you should never forget

Repeat * twice

Mathematics, oh
But the thing you’ll be using everyday
Is all that Mathematics
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