Crew Evaluation System CES test Engineering | Navigation | interview | Question | | PART 1b

Categories of questions and answers to be discussed.

1. Emergency Equipment and Procedures (Engineering and Navigation).
2. Auxillary Machinery (Engineering).
3. Trim, Stability and Stress ( Navigation).

please note, some images are missing on this video. Do use this link to watch those part that has its images missing. Thank you.

You can also watch the part 2 of Engineering, Navigation and CES, Crew Evaluation system questions and answers using this link. thank you.

This is a compilation of Crew Evaluation system, CES and other job interview and test questions for Engineers and navigators compiled by sailors space, the Engineers and Navigators Hub, to help Seafarers, engineers and Navigators have an insight of what crew evaluation system CES, and how other job interview and test questions looki like, to enhance practice and overall success. Watch out on sailors space every Monday's for new questions and answers session.
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