Create a PDF from SharePoint Data using Power Apps and Power Automate flow for free

Learn how to build a PDF from your SharePoint data by using Power Apps and Power Automate flow. No premium license, no 3rd party connectors, just simple actions put together smartly. Includes previewing the PDF in Power Apps, dynamic data including images, examples of more complex solutions and even some common errors and questions are covered. If you want to turn your data into PDFs then this is your video. Also, includes a look at the new flow connector in powerapps and the Power Apps v2 flow trigger in Power Automate.

0:00 It Starts
1:04 Demo of PowerApps app for creating a PDF from SharePoint Data
3:08 Connect to our data and view it in a gallery to get started
3:26 Add an HTML Text Control to visualize the HTML for the PDF
3:50 Walk through the process of creating a PDF using Power Apps and Power Automate Flow
5:08 Using w3schools to create HTML https://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp
8:50 Using an HTML unordered list in your PDF
11:33 Getting an error when copying and pasting HTML with " instead of '
13:56 Using a Text function in your HTML Body to view a number as currency
15:26 Adding a dynamic image into your HTML for the PDF as base64 img src style width height
16:35 getting the base64 of an image control by using the JSON function
18:32 Creating the Power Automate Flow with the Power Apps v2 trigger to create a PDF using OneDrive for Business Create file and OneDrive for Business Convert File
22:25 Adding the flow to your Power Apps
25:13 Common questions and errors I get about creating a PDF
26:22 A couple of example of complex structures

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