Create a Data Entry Form in Excel Without VBA - No Coding Required

Download the featured file here:

In this video I demonstrate how to create and use the built-in data entry form in Excel. The built-in data entry form in Excel can be hard to find as there is no button for it on the ribbon. You can however, add a button to either the quick access toolbar or to the ribbon. There's also a shortcut-key to open the form, which is ALT D O.

The data entry form can be used to add records to or to search for records in a database. You can specify criteria for your search using number and text as well as comparison operators and wildcards.

It is also possible to apply data validation to your data entry form.

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - How to open the data entry form
02:39 - Entering data with the data entry form
04:24 - Adding data validation to the form
09:27 - Search for data using the data entry form
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