COVID-19 vaccines and Employer Mediation

Speaking with Jane Gunn, a former Solicitor in the UK and now specialising in Workplace and Medical Negligence Mediation.

Mediator “The Barefoot Mediator” and Peacemaker

The Power and Principles of ReSolutionary Thinking

Self Determination

“Love, Medicine and Miracles” – put love at the heart

Why we ignore the warning signs

· Deny danger
· Disbelief prevails over reality
· Seldom make plans

Mediation Process


Question – “What outcome do you want?”

ReSolutionary Thinking

To be a ReSolutionary rather than a revolutionary is to use the skills and principles of mediation to tackle challenging situations

One of the KEY PRINCIPLES of ReSolutionary Thinking is SELF DETERMINATION which is to know that:

· You accessed all relevant knowledge and data

· You were fully and independently informed

· You weighed all the evidence without coercion

· You applied your own values and criteria

· You considered all potential consequences

· You decided based on all of the above

So often when we make an important decision we do so to please or satisfy other people’s agendas or needs and interests without fully considering our own

In other words, we FEAR upsetting or being excluded by others

We are also guided by PATTERNS of behaviour from past experiences and situations

The problem - is how to think and make clear decisions - ones that you own and are accountable for - in times of crisis.

I envision a world where people are free and able to act with clarity, confidence and decisiveness. Where all people have the right to question those in authority, to challenge others and uphold their individual and human rights without fear of condemnation or reprisals. A society that does not use fear, trauma or punishment to undermine the agency of individuals or groups that seek to uphold truth, justice and liberty but instead encourages and enables open and honest debate and celebrates the human spirit of independence and free will.
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