COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates: What Employers Need to Know About Religious Exemptions

Is your business subject to a federal, state, or local mandate governing contractors and/or grantees or considering an employer mandate for employees to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine?

Join Baker Donelson Shareholders Jennifer Curry and Donna Glover in a two-part webinar series covering:

-Implications of the federal mandate governing contractors
-Examples of state and local mandates as well as protections or mandates related to vaccination status
-Implications of a mandate or test protocol
-Basics of religious and medical exemptions under the Americans with -Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to both state and federal vaccination mandates

Additional areas of discussion will include steps your organization should take to allow for vaccination exemptions, processes your organization should follow in examining an exemption request, and what does and does not qualify as an exemption (including detailed examples).

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