COVID-19 Update: FDA Approval, Vaccine Declination, & More

Changes to COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements are in full effect. Depending on your state, you might be required to maintain vaccination documentation for all employees or begin regular testing to be legally compliant. With the recent FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine, it’s getting harder to know how to navigate new policies, medical and religious exceptions, and new hires.

In this webinar, Ali Oromchian, Co-Founder and CEO of HR for Health, covers:
1. Updates on the most recent government vaccine mandates
2. Requiring COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment and how to handle hiring
3. Who handles the expense for an employee being tested
4. How to navigate the medical and religious exception request process

Maintaining COVID-19 vaccine documentation as well as other medical or accommodation documents We'll walk you through the latest COVID-19 updates you need to know to protect yourself, your employees, and your practice.

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