Corporate Citizenship Stages: Creating experiences that BUILD NATIONS

In today's video, we discuss the stages of corporate citizenship, how its evolved over the past year and how practitioners can create more meaningful programs for their companies.

We also explore employee expectations from their social impact programs, what makes these program difficult to implement and why social impact practitioners should consider themselves nation builders

Timestamp of our discussion:
0:00 - Intro
1:28 - How has corporate citizenship changed over the past year?
3:46 - Will the changes in the past year remain or revert back?
9:28 - How to create experiences for more impactful engagement
13:41 - What every social impact professional should be thinking right now?
17:53 - What are employees expecting from their social impact programs?
20:30 - Do corporate citizenship practitioners create programs in stages?
23:39 - What makes a modern social impact program difficult to implement?
27:09 - Advice for corporate citizenship practitioners just starting their programs

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