Contract Negotiation Tips w/ Kyle Claussen from Resolve - White Coat Investor FB Live

Kyle Claussen from Resolve talk with Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor and answers your questions about contract negotiation.

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00:00 Contract Negotiation For Doctors
01:18 Contracts & Burnout For Physicians
05:10 What Is Negotiable?
06:38 How Aggressive Can I Be?
07:52 Who To Negotiate With
09:49 Built-In Inflation Components
11:21 Red Flags In Contract Negotiation
13:05 Partner Tracks
15:02 When To Negotiate
16:26 Quality Incentive Metrics
17:23 Cost Of Living Adjustments
18:59 Getting Fair Pay
20:57 Standard Contracts
21:57 Get Help From Resolve
22:47 Transitioning to RVUs
23:53 Tail Coverage
25:50 Non Compete Clauses
28:47 Getting Leverage
31:10 Lateral Moves
32:50 Confidentiality
34:26 Non Accredited Fellowships
35:23 When To Negotiate
36:57 Negotiating RVUs
37:59 Length Of Contracts
39:01 Exclusivity
39:56 Timing Of Multiple Offers
41:52 Contractual Penalties
44:48 Practice Buy-Ins
46:36 Exceptions for Non Compete Clause
47:42 Determining Salary Fairly
50:03 Joint Venture Percentages
50:51 COVID & Contract Negotiation
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