Constructive Termination

This video is about constructive termination. Branigan answers when you should sue your former employer even though you didn't get fired.

Branigan Robertson is an employment lawyer in Orange County, California. His firm exclusively represents employees in lawsuits against their employers.

Part 1 - The Legal Implications of Quitting Your Job -

Wrongful Termination Law -
What to Expect in a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit -
How Much Money are Wrongful Termination Cases Worth? -

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00:00 - Introduction
00:51 - Video Overview
01:48 - Three Important Things
03:31 - Constructive Termination Basics
05:51 - Constructive Discharge Laws
12:15 - Advantages & Disadvantages
13:51 - Finding a Good Lawyer
18:10 - Monetary Value of Constructive Termination Cases
18:41 - Conclusion & Contact Information

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