Connect Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Analytics: Oracle Live

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Announcing new innovations for AI-driven analytics The Future of Business with Steve Miranda Improving plans, predictions, and agility in response to external disruptions has made extracting insights from front- and back-office systems a top business priority. Oracle is helping companies in every industry better control the levers that guide their business—across finance, supply chain, operations, and human resources—with AI-driven analytics. #OracleLive

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00:00 Welcome to the future of business
01:03 Stay one step ahead with Oracle Cloud Applications
06:58 Deep dive into analytics
09:56 Announcing Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics
17:03 Fusion Analytics demo
21:39 Chandana Gopal of IDC
27:22 CORSAIR: raising its game
35:44 UPMC: better serving the community
44:13 Learn more
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