Connect Android App To Spring Boot Server | Spring Boot Tutorial #4

In this tutorial, we will create a new Android application from scratch that will work as a client to the Spring Boot Server. In the app, we will create a form GUI for entering employee details. Once the form is filled and the save button is pressed, the object will be sent to the server via POST request. The server will then accept the POST request and saves the employee into the MySQL database.

For connecting to the REST API, we will use Retrofit library (https://square.github.io/retrofit/). It is straightforward to use and provides out of the box support for asynchronous network operations.

You can find this project in GitHub at https://github.com/afsalashyana/Spring-boot-tutorial

Tags: #Java #SpringBoot #Android

Introduction: (0:00)
Create new Android project: (1:30)
Configure Retrofit for REST API Calls: (5:48)
Design the Employee creation form: (13:54)
Code the Employee creation form: (19:14)
Making POST request via Retrofit: (22:22)
Fixing the bug "CLEARTEXT Communication not permitted": (28:47)
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