Companies React: Abortion Changes, Unionization, and the Stop WOKE Act

The last few weeks have been full of employment law changes and updates! In this News Break episode, we discuss the expected repeal of Roe v. Wade and how employers and companies are responding to the future abortion changes, including paying employees to seek medical care out-of-state. We also discuss the wave of unionization efforts that have been sweeping across the country, from Amazon to Starbucks, and even Google. We also discuss more useless laws out of Florida, including the Stop Woke Act, which limit an employers’ ability to provide critical race theory training in Florida, something most employers were not doing. Finally, we discuss NY’s changes to email and computer surveillance and how these changes will likely sweep across the country. Answers to these issues and many others are covered in this week’s After Hours News Break, covering the issues keeping HR professionals and employers up at night.

00:00 - After Hours News Break
00:08 - Unionization Efforts Across the Country
01:10 - Employers Respond to Abortion Changes
02:14 - Florida’s Stop Woke Act
02:57 - Changes to Email and Computer Surveillance

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