Companies back away from criticizing China's human rights violations in Xinjiang | DW News

Human rights groups have called for Tesla to change course after the company opened a new dealership in the Xinjiang region of China. Reports out of the province have revealed forced labour, mass detention in internment camps and forced sterilisations against Muslim-minority Uyghurs. China rejects any abuses. Washington has labeled the campaign 'genocide' and passed a new law prohibiting imports from Xinjiang.
China is increasingly flexing its economic muscle to silence critics of its campaign: Chipmaker Intel had to apologise after a backlash over a letter to suppliers urging them not to source products or labour from Xinjiang Retail giants Nike and H&M also faced blow-back last year following statements about forced labour in cotton production China is Tesla's second biggest market after the US, and the company has worked to foster a close relationship.


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