Common lash artists mistakes when dealing with bad reviews! Grow your Lash Business!

Common lash artist mistakes is a series with LivBay Founders and Owners Mike and Shauna Jones. We cover all the beginner lash artist session that they don't teach you in school or at your lash certification. In this video we cover the way to handle bad reviews from clients, employees, and competitors.

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LivBay Lash sells the best lash supplies at value prices. With thousands of lash artists using their lash extension products, they have become an asset to any beginner lash tech or season lash salon owner. From their lash tweezers to premium lash glues to their cutting-edge curing agents that increase lash retention, LivBay Lash has products to take you to the next level. Started by Mike and Shauna Jones, LivBay Lash has gone from lashing out of their spare bedroom and into an 8-figure business. Offering lash training and certifications, lash products, and even white-labeled products for you to start your own lash line through OB Manufacturing. Thanks for checking us out!
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