Colorado Pay Equity Webinar - OnDemand

Are you prepared to examine pay equity in your organization?

With the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act taking effect in Colorado on January 1st, many organizations are looking beyond pay to build greater equity within their organizations. In this session, hrQ Corporate Vice President Brian Wilkerson and Principal Consultant Hanan Wakeem will examine the broader benefits of pay equity, including social justice, employer branding, talent acquisition, regulatory considerations, and addressing talent shortages.

We will cover:

Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
Elements of pay equity
Benefits to your organization
The importance of using a systematic, data-driven approach to fully analyze organizational pay differentials, providing an understanding of true variance and areas for further investigation
The need for a review of policies, practices, pay structures, and performance ratings to root out underlying factors that may impact pay equity
How to identify opportunities for proactive improvement in recruitment, hiring, performance measurement, succession planning, and promotion practices

About Our Presenters:
Brian Wilkerson is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of talent strategy and workforce planning. He has been at the forefront of helping companies turn talent into a competitive advantage for the past 20 years, with some of his past clients including Yamaha, Hasbro, Baxter Healthcare, Western Union, and federal, state, and local governments.

Brian regularly speaks at national conferences and has authored articles and book chapters on innovations in Human Capital. Brian brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his topics with real-world applications to help organizations think and act differently.

Hanan Wakeem, Principal Consultant, CCP, has more than 20 years of experience in compensation, providing bottom line value through expert review, analysis, design, and implementation of broad-based, sales, and executive compensation solutions. Her experience ranges from partnerships with start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, along with corporate work within Arrow Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Tyco, and Comcast. Hanan brings customized, practical and relevant total compensation solutions to foster long-term growth and sustainability.
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