Collegepond's Virtual Mentorship Symposium 2.0: Canada | Masters In Canada | Study in Canada

World-class study institutions, high-quality education, academic excellence, cultural diversity, and excellent career opportunities – Canada has it ALL!!!

Want to know how to take advantage of the best study, work, and life-changing opportunities that the country offers? Hear it from those who’ve made it and are living this dream life!

1. Know your destination:
- Work & Immigration Opportunities
- Cost of Education
- Return on Investment
- Application Process
- Admission Requirements

2. University Life:
- Curriculum Flexibility
- RA / TA / On-Campus Jobs
- Scholarships
- Cultural Diversity
- Student-Faculty Ratio

3. The End Goal:
- Internships, Co-op opportunities
- Securing a full-time job
- Average Salaries
- Career Growth
- Stay back options

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