College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction: Alabama vs Cincinnati!? Georgia vs Michigan?!

The College Football Rankings will be released! Alabama is in. Michigan is in. Cincinnati is in. Who is the last team in!? Georgia after losing in the SEC Championship game? Notre Dame after finishing the season with only one loss? Let’s talk rankings and matchups! We also get into the coaching carousel still spinning! Brent Venables to Oklahoma!? What's happening with Mario Cristobal and the battle between Oregon and Miami!? Joe Brady gets fired by the Carolina Panthers and college teams will for sure put the full court press on him!

0:00 - Intro
1:30 - Playoff breakdown
12:00 - Matchup breakdown
16:30 - Alabama young WR group
20:00 - Oklahoma/Venables
31:00 - Joe Brady out at Carolina
33:51 - Mario to Miami?
41:13 - What should Oregon do?
49:30 - DK joins the show

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