Collect emails in Google Docs using cloudHQ's app: Export emails to Google Docs

Many organizations need to investigate email messages and collaborate on them. The problem is that searching through emails can be a very frustrating task. Export Emails to Google Docs by cloudHQ solves this problem: it exports and saves your emails into neatly organized Google Docs. This is an easy way to collect and collate your emails so that you can present a selection of emails to whoever is requesting them of you in an easy to understand way.
For example, in education, teachers and administrators need to give regular updates on their students' progress to parents and/or guardians via email. When meeting with those parents and/or guardians at parent teacher conferences, or when discussing a student's case with other teachers, it's hard to refer back to those emails because it could be voluminous. Export Emails to Google Docs by cloudHQ helps to solve this reporting problem by organizing email threads into neatly organized Google Docs.

✔️ Save individual email messages or multiple conversations to Google Docs
✔️ Automatic continuous save of a Gmail Label to Google Docs
✔️ All emails are saved as PDF documents to Google Drive and are organized by: the sender, the recipient and the Gmail Label (where applicable).
✔️ All attachments are saved as well

Don't delay getting started and save your emails to Google Docs today:
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