Coffee with Colleen and ERC Tax Rebate

Kelly Liske, First Fed Bank's, EVP Chief Banking Officer, and their partner, Innovation Refunds, explain the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Tax Rebate which could mean thousands to you as a Local Business Owner:

Do you have employees? If you do, and you haven't received an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Tax Rebate this presentation could be worth tens of thousands to you - even if you already received a PPP funding.

Your business may qualify for up to $26K per employee:

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) tax rebate program is a payroll tax refund from the 2020 COVID relief bill that also established PPP loans. Originally, companies could claim either PPP or ERC, but not both. In early 2021, guidelines changed to permit businesses to claim ERC in addition to PPP funds.
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