Cody Ko Loves Tom Brady’s Kiss (ft. Cody Ko) | Foul Tip - Episode 17

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Cody Ko is here! This week Zach and Wahlid welcome Cody Ko onto the show to discuss the short guy harassment, the World Cup of Diving, and dive deep into Tom Brady’s history of kissing.

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00:00 Kissing on camera, baby
2:30 Worst birthday ever??
5:00 New Years' Resolution
9:00 Josh Allen, we love you
12:30 CODY KO!!!!!!
13:20 Raycon Ad
15:30 World Cup? World Cup!
20:00 Diving is the best sport ever
25:00 Huel Ad
27:00 No, seriously, diving is the best
30:00 Does Cody Ko really train??
37:00 Guys, carry your wives
40:00 Short guy surgery -- yes or no?
43:00 Botox is the future
45:00 DM'ing Kendal Jenner
48:00 God won't let you go bald
50:00 Take the dog out, dog
52:00 Grayson Allen is a menace
54:00 Seriously, he's a bully
57:00 Roasting Grayson's Insta
59:00 TMG Fantasy Update
1:03:00 Tom Brady did it again...
1:07:00 Cristiano Ronaldo's INSANE contract
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