Coaching Culture - Just a Fad or a Strategic Imperative?

‘A coaching culture is present when…all members of the culture fearlessly engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectively use feedback as a powerful learning tool to produce personal and professional development, high-trust working relationships, continually-improving job performance, and ever-increasing customer satisfaction.' - The Heart of Coaching. Thomas Crane

Is this Utopian? or achievable?

In a research conducted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2014, results have shown that although more companies realized the value of a robust coaching program, only 13 percent of organizations that participated in the study had strong coaching culture. The study also showed that coaching can be indicative of increased employee engagement—65 percent of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged.

Join me in a free-flowing discussion with Mr. Charles Carvalho. Charles heads Talent Management, Learning, and OD at CEAT Limited, part of the RPG group. He believes in lifelong learning and is currently in the 5th year of his Ph.D. in Coaching from TISS. In his free time, he loves to read and teach at business schools. He currently is a visiting faculty for the L&D course at TISS and GIM.

Some of the questions we would explore include:
- Why should every organization foster a coaching culture?
- What is the essence of coaching?
- What is the role of a Leader in Creating a Coaching Culture?
- Where to start?
- What NOT to do?
- Who can help
- External vs. Internal Coaches - who is more effective in building such a Culture?
- What is the role of HR in building, and Fostering a Coaching Culture?
and much more

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