Closing the Employee Expectations Gap: The Undeniable—and Promising—New Mandate for Business

In this webinar hosted by Future Workplace, Blue Beyond Consulting CEO Cheryl Fields Tyler and Senior Consultant Liana Randazzo delve into the results of the company’s new research study, “Closing the Employee Expectations Gap: The Undeniable—and Promising—New Mandate for Business.” They walk through findings demonstrating that businesses are now expected to be a force for good in several dimensions — good for me (the employee), good for us (the organization) and good for the world (the broader society). Key insights include that employees are willing to quit — or refuse to accept a job — if company values don’t align with their own values, and they expect leaders to role model and stand up for those values both in the broader society as well as inside their organizations. Employees also largely agree with company leaders on the factors that are key for creating and sustaining thriving workplace cultures, but they are much less likely to think that their organizations are measuring up in these areas. Beyond the research findings, Fields Tyler and Randazzo offer innovative ways leaders can take action to close the employee expectations gap, especially in light of the “Great Resignation,” to build thriving, values-driven workplaces that attract and retain top talent. For additional insights from the research study, download our eBook.
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