Class 12 Term 1 Physics Paper Students Reaction | Anurag Tyagi Classes

Class 12 Term 1 Physics Paper Reaction by students| Anurag Tyagi Classes
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CBSE Class 12 Physics 2022 Exam: Tricky question paper with many numerical – students, experts review

HIGHLIGHTSCBSE Class 12 Physics Term 1 Board Exam 2022 was conducted across India.Class 12 Physics question paper was reported to be tricky and moderately tough.

physics paper student reactions, expert reviews on question paper, answer key, how to calculate marks and more.

Students of Swami Vivekanand School have called the paper ‘moderately tough’ and lengthy. “There were a lot of numerical questions and the choices were also very limited in these. Section B was very tough,” shared Digvijay, a class 12 student. Another student, divya had similar reaction. “I wont get full marks but am hoping to get 35 questions right,” She shared.

Experts Anurag Tyagi , who have reviewed the paper have called it moderately tough. “There are three sections. Section A is fairly easy and students had to do 20 questions, so it would be easy to pass in the paper. But if students are aiming for above 80 per cent, then the paper gets tricky.

Ashish of swami vivekanand school said : Section B and C is primarily numerical and slightly tougher. An average student ought to get 30 out of 45 questions correct so about 65% marks,” shared Anurag Tyagi a senior Physics teacher with a reputed school of Ghaziabad .
Anurag Sir further elaborates. “Students have to attempt 45 for a total of 35 marks and there is a round up policy for marking. So effectively a student would get 0.77 marks for each correct answer. To calculate your marks, simply multiple the number of correct answers with 0.77 and then do a simple round up to the next whole number. So a student who gets 30 questions right would get 23.1 marks, rounded up so 24 marks.”
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