City of Wanneroo - Council Members' Briefing Session - 5 April 2022

Council Chamber
Level 1, Civic Centre
23 Dundebar Road
Wanneroo, Western Australia 6065

Councillor Profile – https://www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/info/20205/
Access to Meeting Information - https://www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/councilmeetings

Briefing Sessions commence at 6pm in Council Chambers and are open to members of the public.

Deputations are held during Briefing Sessions on Tuesday from 6pm. The purpose of Deputations is for members of the public who may, by request, present a Deputation relating to items listed on the current Agenda. Deputations are required to be received by Administration by no later than 9:00am on the day of the Briefing Session.
The Deputation Request Form is available on the City’s website under ‘Council Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes’.

There is an opportunity at the conclusion of the briefing session for public question time, where the public may ask questions relating only to the business on the agenda.
Please note. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that all items to be presented to Council at the formal council meeting are included in the briefing papers, it should be noted that there will be occasions when, due to necessity, items will not be ready in time for the briefing session and will go straight to the Ordinary Council Agenda.
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