Chronic Illness and Long COVID in the Workplace | The American College or Trust and Estate Counsel

The Government Accountability Office estimates up to 23 million people in the US could develop “Long COVID,” potentially pushing an estimated 1 million people out of work. This video talks about the issues with a Long COVID sufferer and an employment law specialist to better understand the chronic illness and discuss the health and work impacts.
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Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future is a monthly series created by The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Committee. ACTEC considers the historical, continuing, and devastating impact of institutionalized racism, discrimination and bias of all types in our society to be a humanitarian, rather than a political issue. This series strives to educate and discuss these issues and to offer practical recommendations to combat inequality and to increase cultural competence in our profession.

In this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:28 Long COVID in the workplace
01:49 Experience with Long COVID
04:03 Long COVID's impact on work
06:37 How the law protects persons with disabilities in the workplace
07:40 Is Long COVID considered a disability under the ADA
08:26 Awareness of Long COVID
10:08 What employers should know about Long COVID
11:50 Final thoughts regarding Long COVID
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