Chris Westfall "SIMPLE STEPS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER". Peter O. Estévez Show - Episode #112

One of the most powerful ways to lead and to teach people is through stories. I am so excited to bring you a master of storytelling who is also an incredibly successful business coach, author, speaker, and consultant.

Recognized as one of America's top business coaches, Chris Westfall has created transformational results across a wide variety of industries and organizations. Coaching clients onto Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den (Canada), and also Shark Tank Australia, he’s helped launch many dozens of successful businesses. Working with executive leaders at Fortune 100 companies, he’s helped Experian, DISCOVER, Unilever, HP, Cisco, and many other companies discover new insights and new results. The publisher of seven books, his guidance and advice is regularly featured in Forbes Magazine. In addition, Chris works with thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, and inventors each year. From college campuses to the C-Suite, Chris provides one-of-a-kind insights designed to help you to elevate your understanding—and your results.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...
The keys to helping people share their stories (1:54)

How important collaboration is to our success (5:46)

Why our minds are never set to crave creativity (9:20)

How to create boundaries in partnerships (13:32)

What helps Chris to keep a positive upbeat attitude (17:56)

How zooming out helps us to find our potential (23:31)

How to understand the future of work (31:24)

How we can “surf” through life (39:17)

Why storytelling is such a powerful way to market your business
The reason Chris is so sought out as a business coach and consultant is because he has mastered the art of storytelling. The key phrase he coaches his clients to use whenever they want to introduce their expertise is, “That reminds me of a story.” He recommends sharing stories that speak to things that we can all relate to and understand. If you want to make your story compelling, look in the direction of the things that connect us all. Look in the direction of connection.

How important collaborations are between brands
Collaboration is vital to all businesses. No matter the size of your business, you cannot lift the entire business by yourself for long. What Chris coaches is how small brands can collaborate with big brands. It’s easy to think that big brands would lever look at you if you aren’t also a big brand, but it’s not true. Effective coaches are effective because of their perspective, not their size. So don’t count yourself out of a dream collaboration just because you are small. Focus on being of service, no matter your size, and offer your unique perspective. Your value will be reflected sooner than you think.

The importance of fluidity in your mindset
One of the biggest things challenging mid-sized businesses today is their laser focus and their rigid mindset. Instead, think of your mind like a parachute. It only works if it’s open. It’s essential to create in order to succeed as a business. Creativity requires an open mindset, a willingness to do things that others won’t or can’t. It requires a loose grip on your goals and an openness to pursuing them with an intention rather than a tight grip.

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