Chito Vera | Food Truck Diaries w/ Brendan Schaub

Chito Vera joins the Thiccc Boys for Messi Burgers on this week's Food Truck Diaries. He tells Brendan about how different his life is when he travels home to Ecuador and all the great meals his mother is planning for him. They also discuss his future in the Bantamweight Division and where he sees himself by the end of 2022. Enjoy this weeks episode of Food Truck Diaries.

Shout out to Suplex in Philadelphia for always coming through with the best sneakers.

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Rob Font fight
4:44 What’s next?
6:20 Sean O’Malley
8:08 Petr Yan
10:30 Family
12:00 Main Event Pressure
13:50 Ecuador
15:33 Growing Up
17:08 Mom's Cookin
18:23 Messi Burger
25:50 Making Weight
33:57 Mental Prep
37:10 MMA Judging
41:49 Social Media
47:10 Open Scoring
50:30 TJ vs Aljo
54:22 Jorge Masvidal
58:00 Haters
1:03:20 Trash Talkers
1:05:40 Sneakers

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