Chipotle's Brand Experience Starts w/ Its People | Connections Ep. 17 | Salesforce

Marissa Andrada, Chipotle's Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer, knows that happy employees lead to happy customers. Considering that the Chipotle experience starts with a personal interaction and ends with a hand-crafted meal, the people building those bowls and filling those tacos are essential for bringing the brand to life. To set Chipotle up for long-term growth, Marissa invests in the company's tens of thousands of employees. If Chipotle is a place where people can thrive and pursue their passions, then maybe some of that goodwill can get wrapped up in your burrito.

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Connections: CMOs are saying “so long” to long-standing marketing playbooks. See how they’re shaking things up in this digital-first world. Join Salesforce President and CMO, Sarah Franklin, as she chats with digital leaders about how to create more powerful connections with your customers.

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