Chinese companies using malware to track their employee’s new job search | China News | NewsRme

Sangfor, a Shenzhen-based technology business, was recently found to have built software that a corporation was employing to track its workers' job-hunting activities.
When a person applies for a job on a job search site, the program maintains track of their resume submissions and the sites they visit.
The program did an analysis of job-hunting activities and highlighted "suspected" in orange for the person's plan to quit based on the data.
Chinese technology giants are more likely to monitor their workers, according to employees, with many stating they had suspected their employers of doing so before the news of the job-hunting software broke.
According to a programmer who just left ByteDance, the firm behind TikTok, “the machine you're using has some kind of security software installed that watches all of your actions.” “If you are linked to the intranet, the firm can record everything about you.”
Employees must use caution, though, since the corporation has the last say on how the regulations should be interpreted.
An unnamed ByteDance employee claims that he doesn't use any of the anonymous social media sites like WeChat, Weibo, or even Maimai.
In addition to the technology itself, firms have the interconnected networks of tech executives as a weapon.
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