Chinese American Employee Targeted With Racist Prank And Coronavirus Comments On Slack At Bitly

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#stopasianhate is not a trend

A Chinese American employee identified as Jess and uses the pronouns they/them, was the target of a racist prank and also coronavirus statement on Denver's Bitly's Slack chat.

/back in February 2020, as mentioned by a coworker Yeong Cheng on LinkedIn and he is one to tackle racism, misogyny and hate against trans people, Jess had walked into his office and found a picture biohazard sign and CAUTION tape on BItly's Slack page.

Previously, Yeong Cheng and Jess were discussing dealing with racism from work and Jess worried about bat eating and "Kung Flu" (a racist and offensive term by Donald Trump) remarks could end up at work.

Jess's desk area was allegedly marked as a biohazard zone.

Some coworkers had joked "if COVID had a color it'd be burned yellow," which is a racist comment at Asians especially Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other neighboring Asian country people.
Jess had brought it up to the manager, but the manager didn't care. Jess has no idea who was part of the racist prank despite the multiple requests to HR and management, aside from the manager and the person who started it.

Apparently, all the people who did the prank got promotions, except Yeong Cheng and Jess, for "not meeting expectations" while the racists did.

Yeong Cheng mentions that if you experience racism at work and someone who thinks it's fake, it is actually racism. He also mentions that jess couldn't afford to quit, and endured more trauma.
Jess spoke about how the incident still spooks them, and is uncomfortable in white spaces in case a white person say or do something hurtful. Jess has avoided non-business Slack meetings since racist comments kept being brought up and were outnumbered against them.

Many sided with Yeong Cheng and Jes,s and tried to figure out which company Jess worked at.
Several went against Bitly,
One person hoped Jesus could go against the workplace bullies, and added the coworkers weren't being racist, being idiots instead.
however, one person called Yeong Cheng racist for not revealing more information can d calling the situation staged.

Yeong Cheng has requested people respect Jess's privacy, even if it's supportive.
Jess has not requested to hear what the final results of the case is.

People don't deserve to be racially discriminated or harassed for their differences. Bringing it up on communication groups like Slack, MS Teams, or Zoom makes it worse, and the manager not doing anything about it is wrong. People who do this deserve to get fired and apologize for their racist actions.

Please report any Asians being targeted with racism physically, verbally, and cyber.

As Korean guitarist and producer Dabin Lee mentioned, people are endorsing Asian culture but not accepting Asian people, and think they have a right to make fun of us for our differences. It's rude.

The Asian American Foundation

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